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No Formal Qualification?

You can still enrol on SCCMA courses without a recognised qualification but there are two potential problems that may arise from this. Firstly, if you do not have any A&P experience of any kind whatsoever it may prove difficult to take full advantage of this course. It may also hold up the class proceedings with time being spent explaining to you what is what so to speak. Having said that, we will cover basic anatomy to some extent as we go over the location of acu-points. It depends on your personality and how quick you are at grasping things. In truth you do not need to know that much, but it would  obviously help if you have some idea of the basic underlying bone and muscle structure. Secondly, for insurance purposes you would need to provide Balens with some kind of qualification for A&P along with the certificate from this course in order for Balens to insure you to practice.

I do not teach A&P on this course because the majority of people who want to learn tuina or acupuncture have already practiced some form of alternative therapy and already hold some kind of formal qualification for A&P. The cost of this course would increase considerably in order to cover the extra material and time required to learn anatomy and physiology. It would therefore be unfair and impractical to charge for this when many students already have a certificate of some kind for A&P already.

You could easily enrol on an A&P course from another course provider of which there are many available on the internet offering a variety of relevant courses.  You could study a course in A&P whilst attending the tuina or acupuncture course with the SCCMA. Both certificates would then be presented to Balens. Always check with Balens or your preferred insurance provider before enrolling on any course to be certain they will offer Professional Indemnity and Medical Malpractice insurance cover upon completion. 


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