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The Sussex College of Chinese Massage & Acupuncture

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The information offered on this web-site should not be taken as medical advice. Always seek professional medical advice from a healthcare professional before receiving a treatment of any kind. All information offered on this web-site is intended to support a practical course of instruction in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese massage therapy, acupressure and/or acupuncture. All information offered is not intended to be used or applied in practice by those who have not undergone a practical course of training within the relevant fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Although every effort has been made to verify the information provided on this website, The Sussex College of Chinese Massage and Acupuncture accepts no responsibility for any ‘errors’, omissions or contrary interpretation of the information contained herewith. The SCCMA would also like to stress that the information contained here may be subject to variable laws and regulations relating to various individual countries and professional Organisations within those countries. It is the sole responsibility of any practitioner to know and understand the laws of the country in which they intend to practice their chosen therapy.

The Sussex College of Chinese Massage and Acupuncture accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may arise as a result of any person from any background, race, religion or profession, practicing any of the information found on this site. Practice of any kind using any information from the information offered on this website is entirely at your own risk.

The Sussex College of Chinese Massage and Acupuncture make no claims or promises that any information offered on this website will heal any diseases or medical conditions of any kind whatsoever, but we try!


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