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Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain

The application of acupuncture for lower back pain has often resulted in a very positive outcome. The treatment of lower back pain with acupuncture, tuina and acupressure is a very common application in the clinic. This is due to the fact that lower back pain is probably one of the most common general conditions affecting various types of people from various backgrounds. The cause of lower back pain is often unclear but can be attributed to many various common causes. Some of the causes of lower back pain involve; traumatic injury from heavy lifting, injury from sporting activities, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, poor postural habits, and a lack of correct exercises to keep the spine and lower back open, loose and flexible.

A lot of pressure is placed upon the lower back due to the poor postures we humans often have without any real thought or awareness. The inward curve of the lumbar spine adds to this pressure in combination with the often heavy torsos that apply even more downward force upon the lower back due to many people being overweight. The use of acupuncture for lower back pain helps to increase the flow of ‘qi’ and blood that has been constricted by the closed lumbar vertebrae and muscular tension that has accumulated in the area of the lower back. Tuina and acupressure are also very powerful methods for treating lower back pain and problems with often very favourable results.

When applying acupuncture for lower back pain, both local area acupuncture points as well as distal acupuncture points that affect the lower back are selected. Ah shi acupuncture points as well as the lower Shu Points of the back are usually selected as local area acupuncture body points. The lower shu acupoints of the back are usually tender when pressed. In fact, acupressure to these powerful acupuncture points alone can often bring great relief from chronic lower back pain. Acupuncture body points of the bladder meridian tend to be selected as distal acupoints, as the bladder meridian runs through the lower back. Some distal points that have a good effect on the lower back are as far away as the outside edge of the foot such as Bl 64. Another acupuncture point renowned for lower back pain is Bl 40 which is located behind the knee between the two tendons.

In short, acupuncture for lower back pain can be very powerful treatment  and is well-worth trying.


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