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The Sussex College of Chinese Massage & Acupuncture

Contact - 01424 772539 / 07484 184 007

Acupuncture Course Fees

The Acupuncture Course

The total cost of the acupuncture course is only £700.00.

Please note: You must complete the tuina massage course before starting this acupuncture course. You will then be an accomplished therapist with the ability to offer both Chinese massage therapy and acupuncture to your clients all for only £1650.00!

Acupuncture and Chinese massage therapy is a powerful treatment combination!

Interest-free Payment Plan

To help with paying for the course you can pay by instalments as seen below.

Instalment Plan

No deposit is required – The cost of this course is slightly less than the Tui Na course as the main acupoints would have already been covered during the Tuina training. Just like the Tuina course you simply pay me £100 per day plus travelling costs each time we meet at your home or your clinic. Travelling costs are £1 per mile after 5 miles from Battle town centre in East Sussex.

Total – £700.00

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything whatsoever please do not hesitate to email me, text me or call me on the number below.

Note: Please be aware I am only interested in speaking with those interested in the course, so no sales calls please! Thank you.

Landline –  01424 772 539

Mobile – 07484 184 007


What do the course fees cover?

The course fees cover your student malpractice insurance during course hours and all on-site equipment required for your study. You will need to purchase a decent acupuncture book for acupoint locations and indications for further study in your own time, although this would have been largely covered in the Tui Na course already completed.

A good book for acupoints is;

‘A Practical Guide To Acu-points’ by Chris Jarmey and Ilaira Bourantinos

ISBN: 978-0-9543188-4-0


A good inexpensive TCM book is;

‘The Web That Has No Weaver’ by Ted Kaptchuk.


Also, a classic is;

‘Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion’ by Cheng Xinngong & Foreign Languages Press

It can be seen here at Amazon

huk.Please note all payments are non-refundable should you wish to withdraw at some point during training. 

The SCCMA withholds the right to make any alterations to the course material as deemed appropriate and when required if necessary. 

Call or text me to discuss any queries you may have on the number below. No sales calls please!

Paul Chislett – Landline: 01424 772539 – Mobile: 07484 184 007

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