Lee style – Kung Fu

Lee Style Kung Fu is a fast and flowing self-defence fighting system that utilises all the principles of Tai Chi posture and control. Feng Shou Kung Fu has a vast repertoire of many different self-defensive techniques. These techniques link together to form a continuous flowing action as opposed to individually performed manoeuvres. Feng Shou translates as ‘Hand of the Wind’. The idea is, as in nature, you do not see the wind you only see its effects.

When exercised correctly, Feng Shou is very deceptive. It is said that Feng Shou has “The Softness of a Butterfly’s Wing with the Hardness of Steel” This is due to the fact that Feng Shou employs the same principles as Tai Chi for its application. 

Lee Style Kung Fu is suitable for both adults and children. Women and girls can also benefit from Li Style Feng Shou due to its non-agressive approach of not relying upon physical strength for its effectiveness. We teach correct postural movement with co-ordination of body and hand movements. Sensitivity techniques are also taught to help students feel their opponents’ balance so they can utilise their opponents’ weaknesses to their own benefit. These fundamental principles are taught to the students in the context of the elements listed below. 


The art of Feng Shou contains the following elements


– Kicking drills                                      

– Striking drills

– Evasion sets

– Arm and leg controls

– Ward-offs

– Parries

– Arm and wrist locks

– Push hands

– Forms and sets

– Two person drills


Contact the Taoist Arts Organisation for the nearest club to your area.

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