K’ai Men – Taoist Yoga

K’ai Men

K’ai Men generally translates as “Open Door”. Also known as Taoist Yoga, K’ai Men exercises work all of the main joints of the body to their full potential to maximise the flexibility, balance and control of the practitioner.

Working on the body structure as well as the internal organs, K’ai Men exercises aim to maximise good health and well-being by enhancing the movement of chi (internal energy) and blood throughout the system.

K’ai Men exercises have a basic ‘Sequence’ which is performed to a set breathing pattern, and an ‘Extension’ which is performed to natural breathing. Each Extension has five variables which can be adjusted to suit the capability of the practitioner.

There are in excess of 400 different exercises, each having the five variables.

Tao Yin – Respiration Therapy

Tao Yin exercises are also a form of Chi Gong and similar to K’ai Men. However, Tao Yin exercises are more specific than K’ai Men in their approach to health as they work on certain areas of the body including organs and meridians. K’ai Men on the other hand, offer a more general overall approach to health. Both K’ai Men and Tao Yin exercises work to enhance the general well-being of the practitioner. There are 200 different Tao Yin exercises each with its own unique name such as ‘Single Iron Arm’ or ‘Beware the Bear’.

Tai Chi classes generally begin with one or two Tao Yin and Kai Men exercises.


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